Wednesday, June 24, 2009

haley's baby

hi use these pictures

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

As you can see, Cole is quite the athlete. He is not be able to do all this jumping events because of his injury. He has a had time circling so dressage would also be stressful. An enjoyable ride in the woods and meadow is fun for horse and rider.

Cole the Hunter Pony

Cole is a handsome 10 year old TB/pony cross. He is 14.1 hands tall. he was a wonderful winning pony but developed some soft tissue injury which makes him unable to compete anymore. he now needs a good loving home with a confident child or a small adult. The veterinarian said he can be ridden but circles may be too stressful. Trail riding is ideal.
He is a loving and will give the right person many years of happiness.
Contact to make an appointment to see this guy.